Freitag, 6. Juni 2014

Freie Klasse exhibiting at Kunstraum Niederösterreich


Attempting a regardful practice

06 06 2014 - 26 07 2014

An exhibition by the Open Class of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna with Angela Strohberger, Carolina Frank, Delal Isci, Denise Fragner, Julischka Stengele, Lina Ruske, Magdalena Fischer, Manuel Carreon Lopez, Marlies Surtmann, Matthias Julian, Mona Hermann, Patrick Wiesauer, Sophie Utikal, Thomas Trabitsch and others.

Opening (c) Lorenz Seidler

Imagine: a place that different people with diverse interests can appropriate for themselves together. A place where a regardful being with and alongside one another is possible. Neighbourhoods. Demarcations. Encounters.

The members of the Open Class have taken the questioning of the existing structures of the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts as the starting point for the testing and working out of a different form of artistic education, teaching and cooperation as a learning situation. Based on the interest in concerning themselves with non-hierarchical, self-determined possibilities of the shared knowledge and art production and with the format of the exhibition, a concept for a specific practice of exhibiting in the Kunstraum Niederoesterreich developed. A movement of positions into an already described space in which the implementation of a concept in a field of tension between individual and collaborative ways of working develops.

Dissent: from the existing structures, but also within the group. How can resistance and disagreement be conceived? How to deal with it and what to make out of it?

In the exhibition project a curatorial framework is created by means of structuring through slots. The term slot describes a spatial or temporal window or a trace that is followed. In the process, there is a place for permanent elements alongside those that develop or occur sporadically. This structure enables the participating artists to organise themselves together in the gallery and to provide a place and visibility for different ways of working and their materialisations. A continuous exchange of views has been a central aspect since the start of the work on the exhibition: an explaining and showing, relating the various positions to one another, referentialities, the toleration of repetitions.

The period of time that the Open Class designs in the Kunstraum can be understood as an attempt to make a polyphonic, processual approach communicable. Alongside many works that invite participation, formats such as guided tours and discussions are intended to make the discourses of the exhibition accessible and invite people into a discussion.

Curated by Concept: Open Class

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